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After School Program


Dear SLCSD Community Education Families:

Welcome to the Community Education After-School Program! As parents, you have many choices to make in the enrichment of your children, and a broad range of programs from which to choose. We are honored to be your choice.

All Community Education After-School Programs have very strict standards. Our standards are geared towards assuring a healthy environment, positive staff-to-student interactions, and high-quality programs. Community Education strives to provide all students with a range of enrichment experiences to ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow.

Program Overview

Our programs begin when the regular school day ends and remain open until 6:00 PM. We maintain a low staff-to-student ratio, which allows our staff to be more attentive to each student and provide a broader range of enrichment activities. The After-School Program (ASP) expectations align with the school day expectations & the daily rotations include CARE (Café, Academics, Recreation, & Enrichment). Our enrichment activities incorporate:

· Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

· Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM)

· Health and Wellness

· Digital Citizenship

· Enrichment Clubs

Our Community Education After-School Programs help youth reach their full potential in school and life. The ASP is a unique setting where students can connect to positive adult mentors, feel safe to try new things, and have the chance to acquire new skills. We appreciate the opportunity to support students during this out-of-school time.

Shanice Lozano

Coordinator Cell Phone Number: ​385-242-9786

Coordinator Office Phone Number:  801-579-8529 ext. 1031

Program Hours:  ​2:15pm-6:00pm

Group Leaders: Victor Chavarria 

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Shanice Negrete

Shanice Negrete

Hourly Elementary Teacher
Meadowlark Elementary

Tuition assistance is available, please contact the site coordinator for more information.