Riego Castillo

About Me

Hey Cool Cats and Kittens, Mr. Castillo coming your way. I’m ecstatic (If you don know that word let’s LEARN it together) to say that I am back at the best school in the District! I taught here several years ago and you are the best students, parents, families, and friends I have been around. I am a 2nd grade teacher and hopefully, lucky enough to teach you or someone in your family. I was born in the Philippines (If you don’t know where that is let’s LEARN about it together…notice a pattern) but grew up in Los Angeles, California. I went to college here in Utah and in Nevada. I love watching sports but also enjoy spending time in nature and the outdoors camping, hiking, kayaking, and anything else fun. The best part about school and community is getting to know each other. Even if you aren’t in my class please stop by and let’s talk (safely) and LEARN about each other.

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2nd Grade

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