Doree Burt

About Me

Hi! I'm Ms. Burt and I love teaching 5th grade at Meadowlark! I grew up in California, where I went to the beach a lot and got stung by many jellyfish. (Science fact: vinegar takes the sting away.)

Besides California, I've lived in Hawaii, New Hampshire, and now Utah. I love all of these places … the world is beautiful and fun! I love flags and maps and have a lot of them around my house for decoration. (Can you find where I've lived on a map of the USA?)

I super love books and talking about them with friends and students. My favorite places to read are outside and in my bed, before I fall asleep at night. (Where do you like to read?)

Recently I started painting with water colors and acrylic paints. I'm not a great artist, but it's fun for me to create, draw, and paint, especially by a bright window with lots of sunshine coming in! (Sunshine gives your body Vitamin D, so it's good to play outside, if it's safe.)

I want and expect my wonderful students to be thinkers, not just learners, and to be brave enough to make mistakes and be problem-solvers!

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