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Title I

Schoolwide Program

As a Title I school, we have the opportunity to strengthen our program to meet the needs of all of our students with the federal support of Title I funds. Funding is based on the number of students who have free lunch. We are actively addressing the following parent, guardian and community involvement Title I requirements because we know a working partnership is crucial for our students to succeed.

Understanding the School System

As a Title I school we:

  • work with parents and guardians to understand and navigate the school system,
  • share information about the standards for learning determined by the state, the materials and programs we use to teach those standards, and the tests we use to show how students are progressing, and
  • inform you about your child’s academic progress throughout the year.

Communication with parents and community is a focus of our school and we value the different ways parents contribute to the success of their children. To enhance the way parents are already supporting their children’s academic success at home, we will offer materials and ideas that guardians might additionally use.

Right to Know Teacher Qualifications

We also want to inform you that parents and guardians have the right to request specifics about the qualifications of their child’s teachers. If your child’s teacher is not considered Highly Qualified as defined by the federal government, we will notify you.

Shared Decision Making

Parents will be involved in making school decisions, writing school plans, and assessing the effectiveness of school programs. They will also work with the school to plan Parent Involvement activities. Please contact the front office for more information on how to be a part of this important work. We need your ideas!!

Home & School Partnership

Our school has a variety of formal ways to develop the home/school partnership such as Back to School Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, School Community Council (SCC), Family Math and Literacy Nights, Parent Teacher Association/Organization (PTA/PTO), school newsletters, and other such opportunities. Please know that we also value the informal yet important ways we work together through phone calls, emails, and visiting before and after school. We look forward to working with you this year!! Please download the Home/School Compact which describes the commitments we are making to you, to see your child succe


Student Progress

We are so excited to tell you that our school made the progress on state testing that we needed to. The hard work of our students, teachers, parents, school personnel, and community members paid off to end last year successfully.

As a Title I school, we are required to show each year that students are progressing in math and reading/language arts. Title I federal funding supports student learning in these areas. The learning expectations grow every year so that each student is ready for middle school and high school to prepare for college and a career. Our students and teachers are now focused on this year’s learning standards to see another year of success.

Meadowlark Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Policy
Partnering with students and their families is essential. We value and honor the role of parents and other
family members in their children’s educational experiences. The following engagement policy developed
jointly with parents, outlines our efforts to support this partnership between school and home. This
policy will be updated periodically to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.
How will information about parent programs, meetings, and activities be communicated?
Meadowlark Elementary will provide meaningful communication with the parents about student
progress via email, phone, written notes, Power School, or media apps and in person at our Family
Teacher Conferences. This information and other parent notifications, as well as this written policy, will
be written in a format that parents can understand and made available in multiple languages.
What are parents’ rights and opportunities to be involved?
Parents have the right to provide input on school engagement practices and to be active participants and
decision-makers in not only their own students' educational experience but in the development of schoolwide
initiatives through participating in school Family Teacher Organizations (FTOs), serving on our
school's Community Council, volunteering at the school, receiving information about school programs,
and in having questions answered promptly.
How will Meadowlark Elementary carry out our plans to enhance and improve parent
involvement at the school?
On a yearly basis, parents will not only give input on this policy, but also in developing a School Compact
that outlines the roles of teachers, students, and parents in academic success. Parents will also be involved
in writing and reviewing the School Improvement Plan (SIP), and the school's LAND Trust plans in the School
Community Council. The practices outlined in this document, posted on our school website, are supported
by building the capacity of each group.
For parents, we provide parent meetings that build their capacity to support their children academically.
For teachers, we provide professional development to assist them in delivering effective instruction and
parent outreach. And for students, we provide quality instruction and opportunities for needed
interventions. These efforts align with best practices and our school's specific academic improvement
How will Meadowlark Elementary address the targeted needs of students and their families?
Meadowlark Elementary will provide timely feedback to students and parents on student’s academic and
behavioral performance. Through school behavior plans and systems of support, each student will be
motivated to learn and try their best. Students will receive 45 minutes of targeted Social Emotional
Learning each week. Schoolwide assessment data is shared with parents on our website, in newsletters,
at School Community Council meetings. In addition, Meadowlark Elementary sets high expectations for
students. Students work with parents and their teachers to set individual learning goals during Family
Teacher Conferences. Individual progress reports will be shared with parents at the end of each quarter.
Teachers recognize the needs of students and provide reasonable differentiation, scaffolds, and student
extensions to meet individual student needs. Meadowlark Elementary consistently supports parents by
updating PowerSchool regularly, by communicating students’ needs and the supports being provided,
and by offering strategies which parents can utilize to support continued learning at home.
How will parents with limited English proficiency, parents of migratory children, and parents with
disabilities or other special needs have access to opportunities to participate?
Parents will have reasonable access to staff and will have information presented in timely and
understandable ways. Written communication published on school websites is ADA-accessible and can be
translated into many languages. In-person school meeting translation is available through in-person or
phone translation services. Parents with all language backgrounds and abilities can fully participate in
school meetings and school events, providing input and other parent engagement initiatives outlined









Interpreting and Translating

If you need help communicating with the school, please call the front office at 801.578.8529.

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