Library Learning Center

(Media Balance Is Important)
First Grade:
(Pause and Think Online)
Second Grade:
           (Putting a STOP to Online Meanness)
Third Grade:
(The Power of Words)
Fourth Grade:
(Be a Super Digital Citizen)
Fifth Grade:
(Is it Cyberbullying?)
Sixth Grade: 
       ​(Digital Drama Unplugged)


Students & Parents,

During the present school closure, I would like you to have continued access to resources and applications which are relevant to the Utah Library Media curriculum.

Students – KEEP READING! You can access thousands of free books using the Sora and Storyline apps.
Don’t forget to send me your book reviews! Use the student book review link on the right side of this webpage.
Please ensure that you access your Student Applications folder, which is linked on the main webpage of the Meadowlark school website, as well as on the Salt Lake City School District main webpage. 
In addition to the familiar resources inside your Student Applications folder, I have gathered a number of excellent resources for my classes in Grades K-6.

Please follow the Curriculum & Resource links below:

I can be contacted via my district email address:
My virtual office hours are from 7-12 noon each week day.

Stay safe,



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